Daily Diary - Olympic Opening Ceremony

For the billion people watching the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony on Friday night the highlight might have been James Bond and The Queen jumping out of a helicopter or Mary Poppins flying from the sky. But for Glue Isobar it was watching its community manager of its social team Chris Watt take part as one of the Sergeant Pepper marchers.

  • Chris Watt

    Chris Watt

  • Stuart Newman

    Stuart Newman

  • addiction london

    addiction london


The agency created the hashtag #SpotTheWatt on Twitter challenging followers to spot him during the BBC's TV coverage and despite a blink and you miss it appearance he was indeed spotted by one follower. Perhaps it was just a coincidence she went by the Twitter handle @MrsWatt.

Watt wasn't the only media man to join the 10,000 performers on the night. Carat's head of new business, Stuart Newman riding a bike dressed as a luminous giant dove.

Newman was recruited through his cycling club to become one of the 70 glowing gigantic doves that cycled round the stadium to the Arctic Monkeys, representing the poor birds that were killed in Seoul after accidently flying into the Olympic flame.

However, according to Newman his highlight was in fact drinking in the bar afterwards with the nurses still dressed in their uniforms.

Deciding not to miss out on the fun, Addiction London's managing partner Jamie Harvey and senior digital project manager Nick Metcalf were the smartest they've looked for a long time in their industrial revolution costumes.

They were joined by senior producer Karen Crookes who formed part of the 60's section.

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