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When Waitrose revealed it had a big opening for a new advertising idea, we're pretty sure this wasn't the message the middle class supermarket had in mind.

  • Wairose window display

    Wairose window display

  • Waitrose rude greeting

    Waitrose rude greeting


However, the ad certainly nailed Waitrose's brief to widen its audience, give their stakeholders a treat and get it noticed. We just hope Waitrose's new ad agency BBH will not adopt the message in future campaigns.

The message left some Waitrose customers tripping on their Choos when picking up their posh nosh at their local stores after spotting the female facing window display dangling in front of their eyes. 

The manager responsible for displaying the rude unit must have been reacting upon seeing the latest Waitrose ad featuring Heston Blumenthal. In which case the message was spot on.

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