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There's nothing like a recession biting at your heels to get the creative juices following and since auctioning your life on eBay is so 2008, one creative pair have decided to go one step further.

Matthew Mifsud and William Bernhardt's brains
Matthew Mifsud and William Bernhardt's brains

The former VCCP creatives – copywriter William Bernhardt and art director Matthew Mifsud, have decided the best way to get a job is to put their brains on the online auction site.

The pair will relinquish control of their respective brains on eBay to the highest-bidding creative director or anybody else in need of a great creative idea.

Auctions will begin on eBay on Friday 24 February at 10am with bidding starting at £1 a pop or Buy It Now for both brains for £28,000 a piece. Bodies will be included free of charge.

The initiative is supported online with dedicated website www.brainsunltd.org and social media presence on Twitter @Brains_unLtd.

Bernhardt said: "Creativity is in short supply across every industry and with corporations always on the hunt for one compelling idea that will help sell millions of products, we can provide a service that is not only unique but in high demand."

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