Daily Star gets pounds 3m cash injection to improve quality

Express Newspapers has unveiled a pounds 3 million investment programme for the Daily Star designed to improve quality and build circulation.

Express Newspapers has unveiled a pounds 3 million investment

programme for the Daily Star designed to improve quality and build


The cash injection will mean an increase in pagination and the

introduction of new promotions. The changes mirror those at the Express

titles in September last year, when a massive investment programme was

announced, spearheaded by a merger of the Daily and the Sunday


As was the case with the Express, the first casualties announced at the

Daily Star are in editorial, where 45 jobs will go as a result of a

’reorganisation of editorial working practices’.

However, Express Newspapers has insisted that job losses will not follow

in advertising sales as they did at the Express titles, where

redundancies were made five months after the editorial shake-up

(Campaign, 21 February).

The drive to improve quality and raise pagination will not spell a

change of direction at the paper. Elaine Robertson, a spokeswoman for

Express Newspapers, said the paper would continue to concentrate on what

it sees as its core market of young men.

’We are not repositioning. This is purely an editorial exercise,’ she


Stephen Grabiner, the chief executive of Express Newspapers, said:

’While I regret that job losses are involved, we will all do everything

possible to ensure that they are handled as quickly and sensitively as


The changes are likely to disappoint some in the industry who feel the

paper needs a more radical overhaul if it wants to lift its sliding


The Daily Star reported an ABC for April of 647,815, down 1.78 per cent

month on month and 0.96 per cent year on year.

Steve Goodman, the group director at the Media Business, commented: ’I

feel the Star has lost its way a little. It was once considered to be

the ’caring sharing’ paper. Then it developed into the ’Pamela Anderson

Collection’ and, more recently, it does not seem to have been anything

much. It has drifted closer to the Sport.’

Accounts Under Review: 27 May 1997.

Client           Budget   Past 12  Incumbent        Shortlist

                 pounds   months

                 m        ACN


Allied Domecq

(media)          N/A      12.6     Zenith,          Zenith, Optimedia

                                   Optimedia        and two others

ANZ (global)     2.0      N/A      N/A              Y&R, Team Saatchi,

                                                    M&C Saatchi

Adecco Alfred

Marks            2.0      N/A      N/A              BDDH, Arc, Mitchell


Bally            30.0     N/A      N/A              TBWA/Simons and

                                                    four others

Baxters          3.5      3.5      The Bridge       N/A

BT Interactive   N/A      N/A      N/A              AMV, BDDH, Delaney

                                                    Fletcher, TBWA

                                                    Simons Palmer

Cable and


Communications   20-30.0  N/A      N/A              N/A

Calvin Klein

(global media)   20-25.0  N/A      N/A              APL/Initiative,

                                                    Bozell/CIA, Zenith

COI (agencies)   53.0     53.0     40 shops         Various

COI (cinema


and buying)      1.0      1.0      N/A              Universal, BBJ,

                                                    Media Centre

COI (press


and buying)      21.0     21.0     N/A              Zenith, the Media

                                                    Centre, TMD, JWT/


COI (radio


and buying)      6.0      6.0      Leo Burnett      Leo Burnett,

                                                    Zenith, New PHD,


COI (TV planning

and buying)      25.0     25.0     Media Centre     Media Centre,

                                                    Zenith, CIA

Commission for

Racial Equality  0.2      0.2      Saatchis         N/A

Diesel (global)  12.0     0.6      DDB Paradiset    GGT, Lowes, DDB

                                                    Paradiset, Leagas


Eddie Bauer      0.5      N/A      N/A              Duckworth Finn,


French Govt


Office (creative)         3.0      1.1              Euro RSCG Wnek

                                   Gosper           Euro RSCG,

                                                    Publicis, Doner

                                                    Cardwell Hawkins

Great North

Eastern Railways 3.0      N/A      N/A              McCanns


                                                    Charles Walls,

                                                    Court Burkitt


(media)          N/A      1.2      Motive           N/A

Heart FM         2.5      2.5      McCanns Central,

                                   Mellors Reay     McCanns, Burnetts


(pan-Euro)       7.0      N/A      N/A              Leagas Delaney,

                                                    Bates, Menzel

                                                    Nolte Heinemann

Joe Bloggs       N/A      N/A      N/A              N/A

Lee Cooper

(pan-Euro media) 6.0      N/A      N/A              N/A

Legal and

General (media)  14.0     10.0     JWT              JWT, the Media

                                                    Centre, WWAV, All

                                                    Response, Prager,

                                                    PCS, Burnetts

Lloyds/TSB       N/A      16.3     Lowes, DMB&B     Lowes, DMB&B,


MTV UK           N/A      N/A      N/A              APL (Amsterdam),

                                                    Garbergs, Rainey

                                                    Kelly, Ideas

                                                    Exchange, A Vision

The Observer     1.5      1.2      St Luke’s        N/A

Ocean Software   0.5      N/A      Juice            N/A

Ofgas (COI)      2.0      N/A      N/A              O&M Direct,


                                                    Barraclough Hall,

                                                    Maher Bird


(pan-Euro)       5.0      N/A      N/A              Publicis, Saatchis,

                                                    DMB&B, McCanns,

                                                    Delaney Fletcher

Peoples Phone    9.0      9.2      BHO/Frontline    BMP and others


(media)          89.0     89.0     Mediapolis       N/A

Railcards        2.0      N/A      N/A              Doner Cardwell,

                                                    Mellors Reay,

                                                    Aspen, Carlson and

                                                    two others

Reuters (global) 7.0      N/A      N/A              Saatchis, M&C

                                                    Saatchi, Lowes, BMP

Royal and

SunAlliance      N/A      30.0     Arc, Leagas

                                   Shafron          McCanns, JWT, Arc,

                                                    Leagas Shafron

Southern Comfort

(pan-Euro)       10.0     4.0      Court Burkitt    Court Burkitt, JWT,

                                                    Y&R, APL, Dorlands

Typhoo Tea       4.0      2.0      Delaney

                                   Fletcher         AMV, Grey, WCRS

TDK (pan-Euro)   N/A      0.5      N/A              Delaney Fletcher,

                                                    BDDH, Euro RSCG


Video Collection

International    3.0      1.9      Ad Planning and

                                   Management       Ray Leach Orlov,

                                                    CBC, Walsh Trott

                                                    Chick Smith

Volvo (lead

global agency)   N/A      21.0     N/A              AMV, Euro RSCG

                                                    (US), Saatchis

                                                    (Spain) and others

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