Dairy: Anyone for tennis? Not anymore, Lowe laments

Life is never going to be the same for Sir Frank Lowe. No sooner does he put a "For Sale" sign on his Chelsea pad than news emerges of the end of his official connection with the Artois tennis championships.

His link with the annual Wimbledon warm-up goes back to the days when a mouthy kid called John McEnroe (the tournament's first winner) abused his first umpire.

Now McEnroe has reinvented himself as a tennis sage, and time has also moved on for Sir Frank. With Heineken, one of the Stella Artois band's closest rivals, now housed at his agency, The Red Brick Road, it was all getting awkward.

As a result, Sir Frank trod the hallowed West London turf for the final time on Sunday as the president of the tournament.

Diary is happy to report that Andy Roddick and Nicolas Mahut produced a pulsating final worthy of the occasion, and that the rain held off. Rain on Sir Frank's parade? We'd like to see anybody brave enough to try.