Dairy: Durden forced to sing for his supper in the BB house

Once every 30 years, the stars align in the skies, the gods smile and fortune rains down on the Diary. Yes, Jonathan Durden has entered "The House" and copy shall flow until such time as he's evicted or walks.

Last Friday, what tabloid custom dictates must be styled "four hunks" joined Big Brother, and "hunk" number three was none other than the former PHD president, and now Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy partner, Durden.

So, Diary will be running "Durdenwatch", bringing the choicest cuts and juiciest titbits from BB.

To recap: Durden had to sing for his supper on his first night, taking the role of the Native American in a rendition of the Village People's gay anthem YMCA, complete with epically inaccurate lyric "Young man, young man". Indeed, matchmakers in the house wasted no time before trying to marry off the "portly 49-year-old tycoon" (The Sun) with Carole, the unemployed 50-year-old peace activist with whom he has so much in common.

The papers are more revealing. Durden is a self-made millionaire who parties hard, used "mind techniques" to bed women and who tries to tap into the public consciousness to help clients increase sales. Could be any middle-aged ad man. And what's this in the Daily Mirror?

Durden is a former gigolo? He took a job as a male escort and was paid to sleep with women "for the hell of it"? Blimey. Diary is predicting this morsel may be absent from MCBD's future creds presentations, but you never know.