Dairy: Eurosport five-a-siders revel in football glory

Three cheers for at least five members of Eurosport, who won last week's IAA five-a-side tournament, which is adland's equivalent of the highly coveted Johnstone's Paint Trophy.

The contest, held last Saturday in Battersea Park, showed all that is great about the beautiful game. But, to quote from the film Highlander, there can be only one, and in a tussle between Mediaedge:cia and Team Eurosport, media agency was always going to come second to media owner.

Several fans, though, chose to heap opprobrium on the ref. The "man in black" was The Economist's Jonathan Oliver, a man who, one source said, spent much of the game either talking to his girlfriend or on his mobile, and barely broke sweat for fear of ruining his hair. Such is the modern game.

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