Dancing eyebrows star in latest Cadbury Dairy Milk TV ad

Two children with acrobatic eyebrows star in the follow-up to Cadbury's "gorilla" and "trucks" Dairy Milk ads.

The TV ad is the third in Fallon's "Glass and a Half Full Productions" series and is set to break this Friday on Channel 4 after Celebrity Big Brother at 9.25pm. The 60-second spot, directed by MJZ's Tom Kuntz, opens on two young siblings posing for a family portrait.

When their photographer is distracted by a phone call, the pair begin an eyebrow dance to the 1989 track Don't Stop The Rock by Freestyle. As the music plays, their eyebrows dart up and down in time to the beat, before the girl finishes the routine by letting air out of a balloon.

To view the spot, go to www.brandrepublic.com/campaign/eyebrows from Friday morning.