D'Arcy creates childcare ads for DfES

D'Arcy has created three TV spots for COI Communications as the

Department for Education and Skills seeks to boost recruitment in the

childcare sector.

The 30-second ads break on 10 September and aim to show the public how

their skills in conventional jobs can be used to look after children, as

well as showing the potential rewards from choosing childcare as a


The first ad shows a woman caring for toddlers at her home. The second

shows another taking youngsters on a trip where they make baked bean and

chocolate chip cookies. The third depicts a man turning up to a nursery

at 9am for a meeting with his class of children.

Throughout the ads, words and phrases associated with the workplace -

such as "paperwork", "presentation skills" and "teambuilding" - flash up

on the screen, highlighting the difference between what a usual day at

the office might involve and a day in childcare. The strapline, "Do

something you love for a living", is followed by a number to call for

further information.

The TV spots are supported by four press ads, each talking about the

benefits of working with children.

The campaign was written by Steve Whiteley and art directed by Paul

Reading. The TV ads were directed by Andy Lambert through Partizan. All

media was planned by MediaVest, which also bought TV. Press buying was

by MediaCom.