D'Arcy launches worldwide marketing network with Arc

LONDON - D'Arcy has relaunched its direct marketing and sales promotion arm IMP as Arc, as part of the creation of a worldwide international marketing services network.

The rebranding of the Bcom3 below-the-line agency will also see names such as Clarion Marketing & Communications, Chain Reaction and Cognetics in North America and IMP Teasing, Azzura IMP, Grupo K, Netwhere and Blue Marble come under the Arc banner.

Combined, the Arc Network will having billings of £553m and 700 staff globally. It will offer services such as direct marketing, sales promotion, interactive marketing and CRM. Clients will include Carrefour, Fiat, Gallaher and General Motors.

The new name Arc is described as being "the heart of D'Arcy", quite literally being the middle three letters of the above-the-line sibbling's name, as well as being the line connecting two points.

The network will be headquartered in New York, and boasts 32 offices in 19 countries. Arc has also developed three proprietary tools -- Arc Connection Diagnostic, Arc Connection Manager and Arc Connection Enhancer -- to use in promoting the company as well as to sell to clients.

According to Arc, the rebranding exercise has cost in region of a six-figure sum in the UK alone, including the cost of developing the tools.

John Farrell, president and CEO of D'Arcy Worldwide, said: "By combining marketing services companies under one brand name and a single strategy, Arc joins the ranks of the top global marketing services groups. It is truly an equal partner for D'Arcy, as well as a significant resource for Bcom3."