D'Arcy targets teens for Skittles Sours brand

D'Arcy has created a campaign to launch the Mars Skittles sub-brand

Skittles Sours.

The press ads, which will run in teenage titles from 1 September, use

images of characters attempting to keep a straight face in


The theme plays on the idea that nobody can keep a straight face while

eating Skittles Sours because of their sharp taste.

The first execution, "wedding", shows a couple in a wedding photograph

next to a teenage bridesmaid who is attempting not to burst into


Two other executions feature children in a family portrait trying not to

giggle and a music band in a publicity shot holding back their


The campaign will run in magazines including Mizz, Sugar, PlayStation

Magazine, and CD:UK. It will run until November.

The Skittles Sours product is aimed at the teenage market because it is

thought that teenagers are the consumer group most likely to enjoy the

sour taste of the new Skittles confectionery.

D'Arcy also launched the first Skittles brand extension, Skittles Mint,

in the spring. This product is aimed at older confectionery


The ads were art directed by Susan Byrne and Michelle Power was the


Photography was by Jonathan Bray and Jim Naughton. Media is through