D'Arcy unveils debut Barbados Tourism Authority ads

D'Arcy London is launching its first work for the Barbados Tourism


The account has previously been run from D'Arcy New York but the London

office has created a campaign that seeks to move beyond traditional

holiday advertising of sun, sand and sea images.

Using TV, press and outdoor, the campaign consists of bold blocks of

colour complete with a series of questions. The endline remains:

"Barbados. Just beyond your imagination." The brief was to convey a

sense of light and space that mirrors the Barbados holiday


The three 20-second TV executions all feature a different coloured


"Sky" uses a sky-blue background with a Bajan male voiceover posing the

question: "Look at your sky. Just how blue is it?" "Bath" uses a light

blue background and the line: "Run a bath. Mmm ... that's how our sea

feels." The final execution, "sunset", features a red background along

with the voiceover: "Look at your sunset. When was the last time you sat

back and watched it?"

The campaign launches on TV on 15 December with press and poster

activity rolling out in January. The Barbados Tourism Authority business

replaces the Australian Tourist Commission account that D'Arcy lost

earlier this year.

Danielle McDonald, the account director at D'Arcy, said: "In a category

that is full of cliches, we feel very excited about having created work

that is truly original."

Art direction and copywriting was by Jon Daniel and Simon Impey. Media

buying is through MediaVest.