Dare unveils website to support launch of Lever Faberge's Lynx Touch

Dare has created a website to support the launch of Lever Faberge's Lynx Touch deodorant using elements of the TV spot by Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

The website marks the first time that Lever Faberge has used a global digital promotion. It extends the idea that men's actions can evoke a number of reactions from beautiful women. In the TV spot, the man appears to have special powers. For instance, when he opens a book, a woman's blouse unbuttons.

Visitors to the website can play a series of interactive games and watch the results of their actions in order to become "touch masters", like the man in the ad. For instance, players have to gently tune in a radio to turn on a woman. Also, users have to use their intuition and mouse to identify their dream women from a selection in a dark nightclub.

The users, who are asked to supply their e-mail address and mobile phone number, are scored on how well they have performed. They can download personalised certificates, challenge others to beat their scores or compete to get their names in the top ten.

The website and the supporting online advertising campaign, which consists of overlays and banners, was designed by Cyrus Vantoch-Wood and produced by Rebecca Mackenzie.

Emma Connolly, the innovation manager at Lever Faberge, said: "This activity demonstrates how an offline campaign can be developed and exploited online. Dare has created a truly interactive expression of the 'touch' idea that will cross borders and appeal to a global audience."