Daryl Fielding

Director of brand marketing


Fielding is renowned for her compassionate, caring nature, insisting that businesses should trust workers and give them a fair work-life balance, and that it is "the human stories that really make a business tick". It is not surprising, then, that the first manifestation of Fielding’s approach at the brand since taking on her role in May 2013 was an emotive campaign that focused on Vodafone’s support of the emergency services. Fielding’s background is varied: she has a science degree and used to work agency-side, running New Labour’s ad account as the party came into government in 1997, and leading Dove’s muchlauded ‘Campaign for real beauty’ while at Ogilvy & Mather. She admits that "speaking ‘techish’" and "acronym-grappling" were two early challenges of working at Vodafone, but she is clearly getting to grips with life at the telecoms company.

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