Dave Dye: No longer in circulation
A view from Dave Dye

Dave Dye: No longer in circulation

A lot of things have gone out of fashion in the ad industry, and for good reason, says J Walter Thompson London's head of art and design.

"Do you have the new phone list?"

"Can I borrow your U-Mat?" 

"Shall we take the neg out of the sleeve?"

"Read that all staff memo yet?"

"Do you have a Warm Grey 5?" 

"Who’s got the spray mount?" 

"Where’s the tracing paper?"

"Let’s check the Polaroid?"

"Have you signed the sign off sticker?"

"Shall we look on the light box?"

"Let’s get them to bike over an edit?"

"Anyone got a blank C90?"

"What’s its U.S.P?"

"Let’s get the information department to find a copy?"

"Shall we laminate it?"

"Maybe he’s playing golf with the client?"

"Could you type up this script for me?" 

"Has the post gone yet?" 

"Is it me or has something on the mechanical slipped?"

"Do you have a VHS of it?"

"Where’s the head of traffic?"

"Does that include a company car?" 

"Are we out of CS10 board?" 

"Anyone got a loop?"

"Will we need the typographer to look at it?" 

"Is that a scratch?" 

"Can we get a copy of this tape by tomorrow?"

"Will it stand out?" 

I get why nobody asks those questions anymore, except for that last one.

Dave Dye is the head of art and design at J Walter Thompson. He writes the blog Huge Generalisations for Campaign.