David Beckham fronts 'Malaria No More' direct push on Sky

LONDON - David Beckham calls for more mosquito nets in a DRTV ad for newly launched charity Malaria No More UK, which will run alongside an interactive Sky red button campaign during the UEFA Champions League final.

Malaria No More has been selected by Sky as the recipient organisation for the Sky red button campaign during the match between FC Barcelona and Manchester United FC, which will be shown live on Sky Sports on 27 May.

The campaign will be supported by a Malaria No More TV ad on Sky Sports featuring David Beckham, who is a founding member of the leadership council for the charity and fronted its launch in London on April 20.

The ad, created by The Mill, shows Beckham kicking a penalty into a net-less goal to highlight the urgent need for mosquito nets as a tool to prevent the spread of malaria in Africa.

Viewers on Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports HD1 will be able to press the red button to learn more about malaria and donate to Malaria No More.

Beckham said in a statement: "It's truly incredible to think we can stop this killer disease forever and it's such a simple ask. For less than the cost of a football you can protect a family from dying."

Sarah Kline, Malaria No More UK executive director, said: "I hope football fans around the country will get behind our first goal which is to ensure all those at risk of malaria in Africa have access to a mosquito bed net by the end of 2010."  

Daniella Vega, head of community investment at Sky, said: "This is a great opportunity to support the work of Malaria No More UK and reach an audience that might not otherwise be aware of this cause. We hope people will take a moment to make a donation through Sky's red button donation service, during the UEFA cup final."

Funds raised by Malaria No More UK will be invested in malaria control and prevention programs in Africa, starting in Ghana, where the entire population is at risk of malaria.