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Day 14: Dmexco in quotes - digital audiences

Technology has changed the way marketers and advertisers reach their audiences - we've rounded up the best quotes on the subject from previous Dmexco conferences

Day 14: Dmexco in quotes - digital audiences

"Likes’ and retweets can get lost in the internet. The challenge is: are we really cutting through?"
– Mark Read, global chief executive, Wunderman

"Fifty percent of viewing of TV shows happens on devices other than television; 90% of people multitask while watching TV and 75% of that happens during commercial airtime."
– Babs Rangaiah, VP-global media innovation and ventures, Unilever

"We live in a disjointed world, so brands need to reach disjointed audiences."
– Nick Reid, managing director at TubeMogul

"Just because the ad was in view doesn’t mean anyone’s paid attention."
– Chris Morgan, ‎SVP, global sales and account management, Moat

"I don’t think there is a [digital] Chinese wall…we share the global culture, we speak the same global language, Chinese young people are global citizens. The key thing you need to find is your customer"
– Kate Kui, vice president,

"You have to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. He doesn’t know what’s digital and what’s not. The real world and the virtual world are intertwined. We don’t have digital people. Digital is a tool like any other to make advertising work."
– Yannick Bolloré, global chief executive, Havas

"Try and resist thinking about digital in terms of the tools, the platforms, the QR Codes and all of the technology coming next. We try and see it for what it is, which is a tool for engaging people with fresh, creative campaigns."
– Marc Pritchard, global brand building officer, Procter & Gamble

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