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Day 17: Cannes brain teasers

While away the hours in the airport with this selection of Cannes puzzles

Day 17: Cannes brain teasers

Check back tomorrow for the solutions!

Word target

Using only the letters in the target, try to find as many words as possible. None of them must be plurals, foreign words or proper nouns. Each word must contain at least three letters, each letter can only be used once – and all words must contain the central letter. The key word is TRADEDESK.

Cannes: True or False?

  • The first International Advertising Film Festival was attended by 130 delegates.
  • The Cannes Lions trophies are designed by Cartier
  • The International Advertising Film Festival didn't drop "Film" from its title until 1992
  • Kim Kardashian received the first Cannes LionHeart award for making a difference
  • 40% of this year's jurors are women
  • The record holder for most Grand Prix won by a single campaign is for "Dumb Ways to Die"
  • There's a swimming race around the Islands of Lerins every year.
  • The festival didn't find a permanent home in Cannes until 1985

Word search


We're counting down the days until the Cannes Lions kick off – and we've got something new for you every day until the festival starts. Check back here daily for articles and insights – or just something to stoke your anticipation for the big event.

Countdown to Cannes

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