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Day 19: Cannes survival guide - what to pack

Get your luggage in order - these are the essentials you'll need to make the most of Cannes Lions

Cannes Lions app

Your one-stop shop for everything Cannes-related is the official Lions app for iOS and Android. It's got complete listings of the talks, award ceremonies and fringe events, plus (vitally important, this) the parties. Tap away and create your own itinerary. Unless you've got a Windows Phone (why have you got a Windows Phone?).

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Handheld air conditioner

It's hot out there on La Croisette, and a mere handheld fan won't cut it. This portable air conditioner uses evaporative cooling to chill you out; and when you're sitting down with your laptop, you can run it off USB so you don't drain the batteries.

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Herschel Supply Co Packable Backpack

You need something to cart all your kit with you as you run the gauntlet between seminars and events. This backpack is stylish, discreet – and it folds down so you can stow it in your luggage. A pack you can pack in a pack. Pack-ception.

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Carry On cocktail kit

Your employer might be flying you out on a budget airline, but by God you are a jet-setting ad exec and you are going to live like Don Draper if it kills you. This travel cocktail kit contains everything you need to turn a sad little miniature of whisky into a bona fide Old Fashioned of the sort that the Mad Men sipped on in '63; G&T and Moscow Mule kits are also available.

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Carved wood power bank

A battery pack is absolutely essential when you're dashing between events and your phone is running low on juice. Most of the available options are, well, utilitarian. This carved wood battery pack adds a welcome dash of style – and it's practical, too, with a 8000mAh battery that'll top up a smartphone several times over. Be sure to order it quickly in time for Cannes, though – it's only available from the US.

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Mu System

Plugs and travel adaptors are an unavoidable necessity when you're shipping out to Cannes. But they're a nightmare to pack; bulky, chunky things with awkward prongs that stick out of your hand luggage and poke you in intimate places. This fold-flat charger is both practical – a mere 14mm thick in repose – and a thing of beauty. Its UK-only cousin won awards for product design, and this international version lets you swap out EU and US plug heads.

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Aesop Jet Set kit

Yes, you could just use the hotel shampoo – but if you want to get your mojo back after you touch down, look no further than this set of skin and hair care essentials. You get travel-size shampoo and conditioner with ingredients including rosemary, cedarwood and bergamot mint, plus geranium leaf body cleanser and rind concentrate body balm. You'll be fresh as a daisy in no time at all.

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Evian Facial spray

If you're feeling the heat, splash some water on your face. None of your common tap water, mind – only the finest spring water will do for you. This little spray can should keep you cool in the style to which you've become accustomed.

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We're counting down the days until the Cannes Lions kick off – and we've got something new for you every day until the festival starts. Check back here daily for articles and insights – or just something to stoke your anticipation for the big event.

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