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Day 20: Dmexco in quotes - data

Big data is big news - and the marketing brains of Dmexco have pondered how it'll make its impact felt. We've rounded up the best quotes from past Dmexco events

Day 20: Dmexco in quotes - data

"People think it’s about all the data or more and more data. It’s really not. It’s about the Right Data."
– Kevin Akeroyd, general manager, Oracle Marketing Cloud

"We typically see a 75 per cent increase in display advertising engagement when combined with location data."
– Simon Chatfield, head of e-business and CRM, Heathrow

"Data and creative are usually seen to be separate – but they are not."
– Miha Mikek, founder and CEO, Celtra

"We’re using data to help educate advertisers. The more data we have, the more insight we have into when to contact customers and when to pull back."
– Didier Ongena, General Manager Western Europe, Microsoft Advertising

"Sometimes clients can get so enraptured by the idea that more data equals more insight, more precision, more perfection and more success. A lot of what we do as marketers is still inspiration, it's still going to the places where consumers aren't in order to make a surprising move for your brand."
– Daryl Lee, global CEO, Universal McCann

"Breaking down silos is such a powerful tenet, and data is the great democratiser. The most successful brands are those that embrace the fact that ideas can come from anywhere, that see expecting the unexpected as a fundamental belief."
– Allie Kline, CMO at AOL Platforms

"Data will drive the consumer experience and the marketing of the future. We can now truly be held accountable for the work that we are delivering, and that is the holy grail of our business. We can measure and bring insights of what the consumers want, and generate growth."
– Michael Roth, chairman & CEO, IPG

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