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Day 24: Cannes in Quotes - technology

Technology underpins many of the advances seen in advertising - and Cannes Lions is ground zero for many of these innovations

Day 24: Cannes in Quotes - technology

Allan Blair, Tribal DDB (2010) "What we are seeing is the replacement of life-streaming with mobile social interactions on sites like Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook. Over the next few years, these will be superseded by geo-social networks, and the inclusion of a person's location will make possible highly refined targeting."

Tim Armstrong, AOL (2011) "Everyone is excited about digital. It's like Viagra for the publishing industry."

Eric Schmidt, Google (2011) "In two years, information will double every 11 hours."

Jeff Bewkes, Time Warner (2011) "Internet is not a threat to TV, it's an opportunity."

Jim Farley, Ford Motor Company (2011) "Technology turned everyone into a production company." (2011) "Five years from now people are going to experience inception of ideas in real time on the internet."

Jess Greenwood, Contagious (2011) "Good technology is no excuse for a bad idea."

Arianna Huffington (2012) "Unplug and recharge."

Yasu Sasaki, executive creative director at Dentsu, (2014) "The key is not in using technology for efficiency, but to create emotion to move people."

Keith Weed, chief marketing and communications officer at Unilever (2014) "Whether you work in social, mobile or data you need to step back & think about how to simplify."

Imran Khan, chief strategy officer, Snapchat (2015) "For the new generation, talking is pictures."

Chris Cox, vice president of Product, Facebook (2015) "We have gone from text->photos->videos and next is VR/AR"

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