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Day 27: Dmexco in quotes - the measure of success

In recent years, the metrics we use to measure success in advertising have been a focus for discussion. We've rounded up the best quotes from Dmexco on the subject

Day 27: Dmexco in quotes - the measure of success

"Time spent with the brand is one of the most important metrics a brand advertiser should evaluate"
– Steve Doyle, chief commercial officer, InSkin Media

"We've been measuring the wrong thing for a long time. The industry remains hugely reliant on heritage measurement systems that are a financial burden. We are having interesting discussions with clients around cutting through the bullshit."
– Henry Tajer, global CEO of IPG Mediabrands

"It’s important to tell great stories, but how we measure them is also very important. An understanding of consumer decision-making reveals the nuance of the metrics needed. I think it’s a portfolio of metrics."
– Paul Caine, global chief revenue and client partnerships officer, Bloomberg Media

"[Brands] need to see value beyond performance data. We need to talk the metrics brands are interested in, the stuff that TV has been doing so well for 50 years."
– Dan Rosen, head of advertising, Telefónica

"How we’re measuring video ads, or banner ads, or any other ads – some of the stuff out there seems preposterous. And on top of that we’ve got these ad blockers coming in."
– Babs Rangaia, vice president of global media innovation, Unilever

"We all know how programmatic works – including advertisers – but now it's about how do you measure it in the right way? The industry has solved the 'pipes' and automated many of the manual processes with technology. Now it's time to work on measuring success by moving away from last click attribution."
– Amit Kotecha, head of marketing, EMEA, Quantcast


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