DCM launches new brand identity

LONDON - Digital Cinema Media (DCM), the cinema sales house formed through the purchase of Carlton Screen Advertising by Odeon and Cineworld, has revealed a new brand identity.

DCM... new logo
DCM... new logo

The new brand vision features a new logo with the company name illuminated in a bright light projection.

The sales house said that the shape of the logo will be core to the company's identity, but the colour and its background will be flexible in order to reflect the different areas of the business and the diverse nature of film content.

Debbie Chalet, DCM's acting chief executive, said: "We are all passionate about the potential of the cinema space in the 21st century and our new logo and brand vision reflects this."

Over the course of the launch week this week, DCM will be visiting brand owners and media agencies to directly introduce them to the brand in unexpected ways, such as providing in-office breakfasts and creating clean graffiti messages around the outside of targeted offices.

DCM is also running competitions to give clients the chance to host their own private movie screenings with 25 friends at Soho House.