DCM and Yummi team up to launch Cinime app

Digital Cinema Media (DCM) has teamed up with Yummi to develop Cinime, an app that will allow smartphone users to unlock exclusive content whenever they visit the cinema.

DCM: links with Yummi to launch Cinime smartphone app
DCM: links with Yummi to launch Cinime smartphone app

The app, which has just gone on trial in the UK, is intended to enable brands to engage with cinemagoers "when they are in the right mindset and the right environment".

DCM cited research (FAME 2013) that found that the average "dwell time" in the cinema foyer for smartphone users is 15 minutes before the movie and that 50 per cent of respondents are interested in doing some form of integrated activity with their phone in the movie theatre.

The Cinime app itself is built on Yummi's PHONiX platform, which combines a series of background detection technologies, such as image recognition and bespoke audio watermarking, to sync and trigger content without the need for a 3G or internet connection.

Joe Evea, the commercial director of DCM, said: "Cinemagoers are a highly valuable, mobile-literate audience with common passions – film and the unique cinema experience.

"Our aim is to make cinema as essential for brands as it is for filmmakers, and we believe the Cinime app will forge greater opportunities for brands to entertain and engage cinemagoers through the big screen and beyond."

The platform also includes a full campaign management system, making it easy for advertisers and agencies to use.

AJ Simpson, the chief commercial officer at Yummi, said this new piece of technology would "revolutionise the way consumers engage with brands in the cinema".