DCSF hunts shop for child web safety task

LONDON - The Department for Children, Schools and Families is looking for an agency to handle on- and offline advertising to promote internet safety.

DCSF…promoting internet safety
DCSF…promoting internet safety

COI has contacted agencies with a brief that focuses on digital advertising to parents and children, with the potential to provide additional direct marketing and TV and print advertising.

The objective of the campaign will be to educate children on how to enjoy using the internet without being exposed to inappropriate and harmful material. It follows the launch last month of a review of the DCSF's communications planning brief (Campaign, 24 September).

A major focus on child protection online was unveiled last year when the DCSF announced plans for a £9 million push to promote the safety of children online and launched the UK Council for Child Internet Safety.

This followed a review by the child psychologist Tanya Byron, who suggested that a policy of educating parents on internet safety should be introduced and the system of age classification for video-games extended.