DDB extends Hovis healthy eating campaign

Hovis is continuing its "get something good inside" campaign with an animated spot for its new Square Rolls range. The ad, by DDB London, breaks nationally on 2 February.

The spot maintains the idea that Hovis products are free from all artificial preservatives and promotes its Square Rolls as providing an opportunity for mothers to ensure extra goodness in their families' lunchboxes.

The spot, "musical", is based on a 30s musical theme and shows two of the Hovis family (Harry and Alfie) tap dancing and singing about children's love of eating junk food. Their routine is punctuated by them upending dustbins of sweets and cakes into their mouths.

While Harry and Alfie represent the typical child's preference for unhealthy food, a voiceover tells viewers that Hovis can help mothers out in this "war against junk" when it comes to lunchtimes.

Clare Heywood, the Hovis group brand manager, said: "We wanted to continue to remind mums that Hovis remains the only major bread brand free from artificial preservatives right across the range. 'Musical' delivers this message in an impactful way that adds another dimension to the 'get something good inside' campaign."

The spot was written and art directed by John Webster. Media planning and buying was through Vizeum UK.

The campaign capitalises on the debate over the need to promote more healthy eating habits to children, which has seen Coca-Cola pledge to stop advertising its brands to the under-12s.