DDB London sees off WCRS in final face-off to secure £9m Weetabix assignment

DDB London has picked up the £9 million Weetabix account, marking the agency's first significant business win since it appointed Paul Hammersley (pictured) as its chairman and chief executive in March this year.

The pitch, handled by The Haystack Group, involved a final shoot-out between DDB and WCRS, with Lowe being knocked out at an earlier stage.

The incumbent, FCB London, declined to repitch for the business.

Weetabix wants DDB to provide a new brand direction for the whole Weetabix cereal portfolio, including Weetabix, Weetabix Minis, Alpen, Ready Brek and Weetos. The move is part of a wider-ranging review of the company's activities, instigated by its newly arrived chief executive, Ken Wood.

Weetabix is currently experiencing buoyant sales. Last year's £70 million in sales kept Kellogg's Cornflakes off the top position.