DDB Stream lands Volkswagen brief

DDB Stream has been added to the Volkswagen roster, its first major account win since its launch earlier this year.

The branded-content shop has been briefed to help VW with its three-year global partnership deal with the media and entertainment company NBC Universal.

The deal, made earlier this year, covers broadcast and theme-parks. VW will also get product placement in films.

DDB Stream will help VW manage the relationship with NBC Universal in the UK. It will arrange event marketing around the film product placements and develop additional promotional ideas. The first activity will take place around the launch of the film King Kong in December.

Heidi Cartledge, the communications manager at Volkswagen UK, said: "It is invaluable for us to have entertainment expertise in-house at DDB. DDB Stream will help us to capitalise on our relationship with NBC Universal and generate noise and excitement around King Kong and future films."

DDB Stream's director of brand content, Danielle Nay, added: "Product placement is a big buzzword right now, but unless properly exploited it can be an ineffective expense. Volkswagen is dedicating serious resource into realising the potential of this deal."