DDB Worldwide ditches BMP name after 35 years

BMP DDB is to drop its BMP prefix as part of a wider DDB Worldwide initiative.

The rebranding by BMP's parent company, DDB, stretches across its entire global network and will see the end of the Boase Massimi Pollitt brand, first placed above the agency's door 35 years ago.

A taskforce set up by DDB in April has been considering a range of branding options and has offered a recommendation to senior management.

The taskforce includes DDB Europe's president, Michael Bray, and the chief people officer and global chief strategic officer, James Best.

DDB is aiming ultimately to have one unified brand across Europe (as most European agencies have "first names"). A number of European agencies have agreed to drop their prefixes by the end of 2003.

Ken Kaess, the president and chief executive of DDB Worldwide, will make an announcement after consulting with senior chiefs including DDB Worldwide's chairman, Keith Reinhard, on the future branding strategy in September.

In April, Kaess outlined the need to focus on the core DDB brand in a speech at the DDB Worldwide bi-annual management conference in Scotsdale, Arizona.

A spokeswoman for DDB confirmed a recommendation had been made to senior management and was under consideration but that "no formal edict" had been issued telling agencies to rebrand.

A number of DDB agencies, such as Moscow and Seattle, have already rebranded of their own accord.

"No final decision has been made but it's something we've discussed," Bray admitted.