DDB Worldwide to roll out trends tool

DDB Worldwide is rolling out a global trends network called DDB SignBank, which aims to identify future cultural trends and will make strategic recommendations on the future implications and opportunities for brands.

The scheme was developed by DDB in Copenhagen and will be rolled out across 52 DDB offices worldwide, with further offices expected to join the service next year.

However, the network is not attributing any significant resource to the venture; there will be no staff hired to run the operation. Instead, DDB's existing 3,000 staff will work on the service.

Lucy Jameson, the head of planning at DDB London, said: "Spotting trends has never been easier. Websites are emerging that give you hundreds of entertaining examples of new trends around the world; but they are entertaining rather than useful.

"What DDB SignBank will do, which is what our clients need, is filter all these trends and analyse them, producing implications that are relevant to any brand."

DDB SignBank will issue its global findings on consumers and health early in 2006.