DDB's British Pork ads fall foul of ASA

LONDON - The Advertising Standards Authority has banned a major advertising campaign for British Pork after complaints were made that its description of the British pig industry as having 'very high welfare standards' was misleading.

Pork ad... misleading
Pork ad... misleading

Created by DDB London for the British Pig Executive, the ad stated that "British pig farms have very high welfare standards assured by the Quality Standard Mark. And well cared-for animals mean better quality meat."

But the ASA ruled that some indicators have shown that the general level of pig welfare in the UK could not be described as very high.

Philip Lymbery, chief executive of Compassion in World Farming, said: "This is a real victory for consumers and a spur to more honesty in how our food is produced.

"Farmers and retailers need to wake up to consumer awareness and stop hoodwinking people with false messages. The majority of the pigs we consume in Britain are subjected to unlawful tail-docking, are not given straw bedding and are kept in overcrowded barren conditions."