Dead Motörhead singer Lemmy appears in Finnish dairy brand ad

Finnish dairy company Valio has released an ad starring Lemmy (Ian Kilmister), weeks after the Motörhead frontman's death.

The ad was created by Hasan & Partners and references a 20-year old Finnish ad for the Dairy Nutrition Council of Finland, in which a scruffy-looking man exits a bar and proclaims he doesn’t drink milk and never will.

In the new ad, Lemmy exits a petrol-station bar and utters the same line, before adding "you asshole" and grinning. The footage then cuts to a glass of milk being poured and an image of the brand’s logo, followed by a tribute to the heavy metal singer.

The footage was shot in Maunula, Finland, less than a month before Lemmy, aged 70, died of cancer on 28 December. Lemmy played a show with his band, Motörhead, after making the ad.

Jussi Lindholm, the chief operating officer at Hasan & Partners, said: "We were in the middle of post production when the news about Lemmy broke. We are profoundly grateful to have worked with him and that Lemmy’s management feel good about the result.

"We discussed not airing the ad but had footage that was not part of the original script, which crystallised Lemmy’s spirit, so we agreed to change it and make a tribute."

The ad was created by Lindholm and Eka Ruola, the chief executive and chief creative officer at Hasan & Partners Group. It was directed by Markus Virpiö, who also shot the orginal, 20-year-old ad, for the Dairy Nutrition Council of Finland (below).