Dear me: Letters to my younger self

While help and guidance are crucial, experience also plays a significant role in one's career development. Here, Nabs asks some industry luminaries to share what they have learned with their younger selves.

Dear me: Letters to my younger self

It started with a chance conversation. A chat about the value of maturity in such a fast-changing environment as advertising and media developed into the question: what advice would you give to your younger self? What would you tell the fresh-faced you, about to embark on a career in one of the most exciting – and competitive – professions?

Before we knew it, thanks to the industry support Nabs has, Karen Blackett, Dave Trott, Cilla Snowball and Debbie Klein had penned words of wisdom to their younger selves. Their advice comes from the invaluable benefit of hindsight and the clarity that comes with experience.

Nabs harnesses backing from the letter-writers below, and many others like them, to provide support in the form of soft-skills workshops, evening talks from industry luminaries and the Fast Forward initiative for rising stars who get to be mentored in a ten-week programme and then pitch to a real client, as well as an advice helpline and financial support.

It’s gratifying to note that Nabs has played some part in the careers of the high-profile correspondents below. More importantly, these letters underline that, while technology is changing the profession almost beyond recognition, maturity and experience have an invaluable role to play in nurturing the talent of the future – we are, after all, a people business, and the advice below has universal and timeless resonance to everyone working in the field today.  

Zoe Osmond, chief executive, Nabs