Defence rubbishes Sorrell claims

The barrister representing two ex-WPP senior managers, Marco Benatti and Marco Tinelli, who have been accused by Sir Martin Sorrell, the group chief executive, of libelling him, has told the High Court there is "no evidence whatsoever" against them.

Andrew Caldecott QC, likened Sorrell's action to a "bowl of spaghetti Milanese" with jumbled pieces of evidence, superficially tasty in parts.

Sorrell is suing for libel and invasion of privacy. His action was sparked by an e-mail and internet blog said to have described him and a female colleague as "the mad dwarf and the nympho schizo".

Sorrell claims Benatti and Tinelli, the founder and chief executive respectively of FullSix Spa, mounted a hate campaign after Benatti was fired.

The case was brought by Sorrell and Daniela Weber, the chief operating officer of WPP Italy, who was referred to in a blog as his "hot lover".

Benatti and Tinelli deny posting the blog or circulating an offensive picture of the pair.

The case continues.