Deliveroo launches customisable eggs for Easter

Eggs will come with edible decorations to encourage consumers to get creative.

Deliveroo: eggs available in London and Manchester
Deliveroo: eggs available in London and Manchester

Deliveroo will be dishing out Easter eggs for people to decorate at home.

Available in two variants (chocolate and Cointreau), each egg comes packaged with three pots of edible decorations and art supplies to encourage children and adults to get creative.

Eggs will be available in Manchester and London from 10 April, with purchases made through a dedicated online shop on Deliveroo's app.

The translucent treats are made from gelatine and purified water, giving the egg its clear appearance. 

Joe Groves, head of consumer communications at Deliveroo, said: "An Easter egg without the guilt and they’re invisible, so no-one can keep track on how many you’ve eaten. Roll on Easter! There’s one for the kids and one for the big kids, so everyone can be in on the fun this Easter."

Last year, Deliveroo sold out of its "dragon eggs", launched at Easter to celebrate the final series of Game of Thrones.

Talker Tailor Trouble Maker is delivering the project.