Department for Transport 'don't drug drive' by Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett London has created a hard-hitting TV campaign for the Department of Transport to tackle the issue of driving while under the influence of drugs.

The £2.3 million campaign, which is the first national TV ad campaign to deal with drug driving, has been launched in response to research which reveals that one in ten young male drivers admit to driving after taking illegal drugs.

The first ad will air tonight just before ITV1 soap Coronation Street.

The campaign highlights that police can detect drug drivers, as their eyes will give them away as a result of the drugs in their system.

Those convicted will receive the same penalties as drunk drivers, including 12 months driving ban, a criminal record and a large fine.

In addition police forces across the country will be targeting drug drivers throughout the August music festival and holiday season.

The new campaign also includes print, poster and on-line advertising as well as music festival and radio sponsorship.