My Desk: Kevin Macdonald

The picture (1) was done by a friend of mine, Chantal Joffe. She is a brilliant artist I've known since she was at Glasgow art school. She almost always paints - but this is a collage, just something she was experimenting with. We call it the clitoris picture in our house. She has the largest clitoris you've ever seen.

My Desk: Kevin Macdonald
My Desk: Kevin Macdonald

The desk (2) is something that my dad had made in the 60s and which he worked on almost until the day he died. It has huge sentimental value to me but is also a very cool piece of design - although it is in need of a repair job.

I've got lots of paperweights. The green one (3) was a present from my wife, Tatiana. The brass one (4) you can just see of a woman sunbathing, lying flat on her stomach wearing a large straw hat, was my grandfather's (he was the film-maker Emeric Pressburger - he made A Matter Of Life And Death, The Red Shoes etc) and it's a memento of him. I hope some of his inspiration rubs off when I look at it. It's a piece of tourist tat from the 50s but has been transformed in my mind into something significant and beautiful - that's what all the best objects are like.

The photograph (5) is of my wife and son, Isaac, on holiday in France a few years ago. We all look incredibly grumpy like we're in an Ingmar Bergman film. That's why I like it.

Behind that is another paperweight (6) - as you can see, I have a lot of paper to control. It's a tiny cast of a typewriter done by a New York-based sculptor and was a gift to all the actors and heads of department on a film I made about the end of newspapers, called State Of Play. It looks like one of those organic, animated typewriters in the David Cronenberg film Naked Lunch - it looks like it might jump off the desk and bite you.

On the corner of the desk is my favourite ever film award (7). It's a Lazy Boy chair, like the one Joey has in Friends. It's an award from the American Association of Retired Persons - the organisation with the largest membership in the whole country, I'm told. Its awards are called "movies for grown-ups" and my film The Last King Of Scotland won the top award. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

In front of me is a book by Colin Grant about The Wailers, called The Natural Mystics (8). I'm making a documentary at the moment about Bob Marley and this was research - fascinating, too. Next to it is a voile of short end cans (9) from the Marley shoot that I just did in Jamaica. I like to keep short ends - just in case.

To the right of me is a chair (10) that my wife got. She's a set decorator and bought it for a film of John le Carre's Tinker, Tailor ... that she worked on, which is set in the 70s. It's a bit grungy. I'm going to get it re-covered but the shape is rather elegant.

George Orwell's Down And Out In Paris And London (11) is there because I'm in discussions to direct a film inspired by it.

My wife thinks this TV (12) is the ugliest thing in the world. It's an expensive piece of equipment I got from Germany. You push a button and the screen comes up to whatever height you want it.

The piece of sculpture (13) is by the US sculptor George Rickey, a friend of mine. He's a kinetic sculptor and it moves if there's a draught. It's suspended by a pin. He usually makes 30-foot-tall polished sculptures, very beautiful and very minimal, but this was the kind of thing he did towards the end of his life as little play-things.

The Runaways DVD (14) is about Joan Jet. It's not a great film but I got it because I am trying to cast a 16-year-old girl for a film. I was looking at Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart.

There are other DVDs (15) on the desk that I've meant to watch and never gotten round to. And there's a script (16) in front of me. I should have read that but haven't had the time. Story of my life.

I had that postcard of the Egyptian God Ra (17) created to advertise a documentary I made in 1998 about the film-maker Donald Cammell. He co-directed the film Performance but killed himself in 1996. The film-maker Kenneth Anger chose him to play the God Ra in a film called Lucifer Rising. I met Anger once. He has the word "Lucifer" tattooed across his chest and showed me it on a night out. That was pretty scary.

Kevin Macdonald is an Oscar-winning director. His films include Touching The Void, State Of Play and The Last King Of Scotland.