My desk: Russell Ramsey

My desk: Russell Ramsey

I've tidied up for this shot. My office usually looks more like the picture behind me.

It’s a photograph of Francis Bacon’s studio (1), taken by Perry Ogden after Bacon died. All manner of objects piled up on the floor. Old paint brushes, canvases, empty wine bottles and, bizarrely, a David Gower cricket book. He said of his studio that it was a good reflection of what went on in his mind. I hope that isn’t true in my case.

My daughter Evie designed this typographical character (2). She drew it on the back of her hand one day. "E" one way, "V" the other. So she already has her own trademark, aged 11.

We have a very talented band of Brazilians in the creative department. They often bring me a present when they get back from Rio or São Paulo. Here are a few of them that I haven’t taken home yet.

Unfortunately, the malandro in the stripy top (3) has lost his left hand. The good news is that if you need any tickets for the World Cup, you know where to come. Caipirinha, anyone?

Bryan Riddle is our in-house brewing specialist. My favourite of his creations so far is the Belgian raspberry. This is his latest tipple: the 2014 limited-edition pale ale (4). Brian also puts together a nice piece of type from time to time. By the way, I don’t own a brewery or a vineyard in France.

Here is a Kit Kat Android bar (5), made as part of the brand partnership we brokered between Google and Nestlé. Launched with a single Tweet, it led to nearly five billion Twitter impressions and was the most successful Android launch by ten times. A zero-cost deal between the two companies. Now changing hands for a small fortune on eBay.

The Clash – 5 Studio Album LP Set (6), including the iconic London Calling. Did you know the cover was a rip-off of an Elvis album? I bought it at the Black Market Clash pop-up shop in Soho last year. It was a small exhibition of Clash memorabilia. It’s still in its wrapper, since I don’t have a record player. Such is the power of great shopper marketing.

Here is a bottle of Ocóo – enhanced formula (7). Part of my daily beauty routine… not really. I came across it in the Harvey Nichols food hall. Apparently, it has beautifying, anti-ageing properties. To you, just £6.99. For best results, they recommend drinking one bottle a day. I bet they do! Marketing gone mad.

This is the Spanish version of the film poster for Get Carter (8), the 1971 movie set in Newcastle and Gateshead. Michael Caine plays a Geordie with a cockney accent, but it doesn’t seem to matter. It was my leaving present from my last agency. I don’t think Asesino Implacable is a literal translation, but it still sounds good. It’s my profile picture on Twitter and Facebook.

The Batphone (9) gives me a direct line to my European counterparts. It was given to me by Bas Korsten at JWT Amsterdam. It’s probably being tapped by Nigel Farage.

Here are two self-help books I was given as a Secret Santa (10). I’m comfortable with the power of "No". "Getting to yes" is something I’m working on.

My medicine cabinet (11) contains a collection of remedies for minor ailments. All free, since we advertise them.

The JWT football trophy 2009 (12) is in need of a polish. Creative Department 11, Account Management 1. I’ve resisted all attempts to have a rematch with an oval ball.

Russell Ramsey is the executive partner and executive creative director at JWT London