Desperados concludes epic party series with crowdsourced event

Event is designed to be most welcoming party ever.

Desperados: crowdsourced ideas for final party
Desperados: crowdsourced ideas for final party

Desperados is finishing its "epic parties" series with an event featuring multiple crowdsourced ideas, including a haptic suit that translates the sound of music into vibrations that can be felt on the body.

The wearable tech aims to encourage people who have trouble hearing music at parties to join in. Deaf bloggers Hermon and Heroda will be taking advantage of the technology at the event.

English DJ Skream is performing and has worked with Desperados to make it the "most welcoming party ever".

Partygoers will be invited to leave the noise of the outside world at the door with the space designed to welcome all people and ideas. To demonstrate this, a giant welcome mat will be made of unwelcoming newspaper clippings, showing what needs to be left behind.

Taking place at Magazine London, Greenwich, the activation is the final act of the "Epic parties imagined by you" series that included a connected apartment party in Spain and a phone-free soiree in Poland.