Desperados digitally connects apartments for 'epic house party'

Small flats combine to double capacity.

Desperados: latest event part of year-long drive to create epic parties
Desperados: latest event part of year-long drive to create epic parties

Desperados, the tequila-flavoured beer brand, threw an "epic house party" in two small Spanish apartments, virtually connecting them with screens and sound systems.

Guests in the two spaces were able to see each other and enjoy the same music. They could also control different aspects of each apartment, such as the flashing neon lights, and surprise each other with exploding confetti bombs.

The event was created by three DJs based in Barcelona: Edgar Candel Kerri, Subshock and Evangelos. They combined their back-to-back sets in both apartments so partygoers could dance to the same music in both venues.

This is Desperados' fifth event in the year-long "Epic parties imagined by you" series, for which the Heineken brand is collaborating with partygoers to bring to life their "epic ideas". Previous intiatives include a phone-free event where guests could unplug and a party that left no mess.

Subshock said: "My apartment is way too small to invite all my friends over for a house party, so a lot of them miss out. We wanted to see if there was a way of expanding the size of a house party so that we could get all of them together."

Diederik Vos, global brand director at Desperados, added: "By teaming up with locals, DJs and technicians, we created a space where the size of the apartment doesn’t impact the size of the party."

The event was delivered by creative agency We Are Pi and event agency Vampire.