Desperados invites consumers to party on YouTube

Desperados, the tequila-flavoured beer brand, has created a YouTube channel that hosts an interactive ad, which viewers can use to connect with Facebook friends.

The Desperados ads (see demo above), created by Dufresne Corrigan Scarlett, the France-based creative agency, and MediaMonks, the digital production agency, invite users to join the party.

Viewers must first reveal their age to enter the party, where they are greeted by partygoers. They are then asked if they want to invite their Facebook friends. When users select "yes", they are instructed to pull the scroller on the bottom of the video across three times to break down a wall.

Behind the wall is a heaving, dancing crowd. The video ends with a woman unveiling a Desperados tattoo on her shoulder, which is photographed by a partygoer with a mobile phone.

Users are then allowed to post a message to share their experience on Twitter and Facebook wall, and send personal invites to their Facebook friends to join the Desperados party.

The ad has already amassed 70,000 views in 100 countries, since it broke on 5 April.

Desperados follows Tippex, the correction fluid brand, which launched an innovative YouTube ad in September last year, offering users the opportunity to choose what happens next after a hunter refuses to shoot a grizzly bear.