Desperados takes beer and body-painting to festivals

Brand is creating psychedelic body art with ultra-violet paint.

Desperados: UV body-painting
Desperados: UV body-painting

Desperados is giving people the chance to get psychedelic body art with ulta-violet paint at a series of festivals.

The "Desperados paintworks" activation aims to attract "those who dare to express their creativity" and guests will receive a complimentary sample of Desperados.

The marbling technique is achieved by people dripping paint into pools of water before dipping in their arms or legs to be covered in their unique design. At night, the UV paint will glow when triggered by festivals' UV lights. The paint products used are vegan-friendly and organic.

It was launched at We Are Fstvl and will appear at Boomtown, Elrow Town London and South West Four.

Desperados wants to be recognised as "an iconic party beer for a new generation of festivalgoers".

Izabela Glodek, brand director for premium beers at Heineken UK, said: "As the original tequila-flavoured beer, Desperados has always stood for wild experimentation and creativity. And 2019 will be no different, with 'Desperados paintworks' igniting the party with unique body-marbling that will illuminate festivals and create epic party moments for the thousands."

Amy Ritchie, client services director at Twelve, which is delivering the project, said: "Festivals are an opportunity for people to escape and live their alternative lives, where they dance into the night with strangers, dress up in clothes they otherwise wouldn’t, put on their glitter and party paint. 'Desperados paintworks' taps into these key need states for festivalgoers, elevating and igniting their night."