Dexter's return promotes Sony's 'Angels & Demons'

LONDON - The third series of serial killer drama 'Dexter' arrives this Friday on FX, sponsored by Sony Pictures to promote the forthcoming release 'Angels & Demons'.

The cult US series features Michael C Hall as a forensic consultant who happens to be a serial killer when he is off duty who targets killers who meet a certain criteria.

The show, along with 'The Wire' and 'Generation Kill', has given FX a higher profile since it first launched three years ago and brought it a record ratings performance with more than 300,000 viewers for the first episode.

'Angels and Demons' is released on May 14, but will sponsor the whole 12-part series, which begins on Friday at 10pm.

The second series of the highly acclaimed drama went on to run on ITV1 and pulled in a more than respectable 1.2m.

The five-figure deal was negotiated by Wesleigh Lewis and Sky Media and Dannii Silver, TV account director at Manning Gottlieb OMD.

In 'Angels & Demons' Tom Hanks reprises his role as Robert Langdon, the lead character in the thriller 'The Da Vinci Code'. 

Both films have been made from blockbuster novels by Dan Brown. Though the book 'Angels and Demons' was published and its action takes place before 'The Da Vinci Code', the film has been conceived by director Ron Howard as a sequel.

The plot sees Langdon attempts to solve a puzzle that threatens the future of the Catholic church.