DfES launches new 'learning gremlins' work from St Luke's

The learning gremlins return in a new £4 million campaign for the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) by St Luke's.

TV, press and radio work breaking on 28 August encourages adults to brush up on their skills and earn a qualification.

Two TV executions feature people at work receiving their course results.

When they discover they have gained a qualification, they turn on their gremlins and exorcise them.

In one spot, the gremlin explodes, shooting green slime across the office and, in the other, the gremlin shrinks and is stepped on by the newly qualified office worker.

The ads use the line: "Get rid of your gremlins."

The TV campaign is supported by a national print campaign in the major tabloids.

Clare Chandler, the campaign manager for DfES, said: "This year, we are broadening the appeal of the campaign to those people who might need to brush up on their skills in order to pass a qualification."

The TV and press campaign was written by Brian Cooper and art directed by Jason Stewart, while the radio campaign was written by Helen Moriarty and Andrew Hampson. The TV ad was directed by Michael Patrick Jann at Independent and media was planned and bought by Manning Gottlieb OMD.