DfT to launch drug-driving warning ad

LONDON - A new TV ad campaign launching tonight will warn of the dangers of driving after taking drugs.

The £2.3 million campaign, created by Leo Burnett London, will warn motorists that police can spot the tell-tale signs of drug driving when they stop drivers for other offences.

The ad will break on ITV before Coronation Street tonight and feature a young man with enlarged eyes, to illustrate that dilated pupils often give the game away.

Transport Secretary Lord Adonis said: "We are determined to get the message through to this reckless minority that their behaviour is putting lives in danger."

Research by the DfT’s Think! Road safety campaign showed that one in ten young male drivers has admitted to driving after taking illegal drugs.

The Transport Research Laboratory has also found that one fifth of drivers killed in road accidents may have an impairing drug in their system.

The new campaign also includes print, poster and on-line advertising as well as music festival and radio sponsorship.