DfT to launch surrealist campaigns for child road safety

LONDON - The Department for Transport has moved away from the cuddly characters favoured in its children's road safety campaigns in favour of a hard-hitting new push that focuses on how road injuries can impact on children's lives.

The campaign, created by Leo Burnett, introduces three animated characters, who all have their own "tale of the road" to share in three 40-second ads that break on 17 November.

The Boy Who Didn’t Stop, Look & Listen (above) is the first TV ad in the campaign.

Two others are being created, called, The Girl Who Did Not Dress Bright in The Dark and The Boy Who Didn’t Find a Safe Place to Cross.

The ads were directed by Smith and Foulkes through Nexus Productions and were written by Christopher Birch and art directed by Caroline Rawlings.

The first execution in the series stars a boy who can no longer play football because he didn't look when crossing the road and broke his leg.

Previous child road safety ads have featured Tufty the Squirrel, The Green Cross Code Man and, recently, a family of hedgehogs.