DIARY: 118 118 runners make No 1 on WCRS's hitlist

That WCRS campaign for the directory enquiry service 118 118 is a bit of a strange one, isn't it? Not since Trevor Beattie comically misspelt a four-letter expletive has there been a campaign that has so polarised opinion.

You either love it or you hate it. For every person who finds the two 70s throwbacks in the very short shorts hilarious, there'll be someone who is ready to kill each time he hears the phrase: "Got your number."

The ad very nearly made Pick of the Week. But it was also very nearly Turkey'd, too.

And just to make sure the ad is hideously overexposed, WCRS has unleashed two real life 118s on the British public. As we speak, the pair of poorly dressed joggers is probably bringing havoc to a London street near you. And where was the first place they went? Would you believe, it was the offices of Partners BDDH, the agency that created the campaign for the rival directory service 11 88 88. What a coincidence.

After running around the Partners reception shouting "got your number" and completing several sit-ups, press-ups and squats, the pair ripped up a copy of the rival ad before being quietly asked to leave by a member of the management.

They are now at large, somewhere in the capital. And if this reporter should see them, he won't be held responsible for his actions.

We've got their bleedin' number ...