Diary: Adland comes together to remember the Golden years

If a meteorite had plunged through the roof of the Groucho Club on 18 June, it would have cut the ad industry in half, as the grand old drinking hole staged the reunion of Gold Greenlees Trott.

The guestlist resembled a veritable who's who of advertising glitterati from both the past and present.

Spotted at the do, along with the three names themselves, were Paul Simons, Stevie Spring, MT Rainey, Gordon Smith, Graham Fink, Damian O'Malley and Cindy Gallop.

Also present was Damon Collins, who has set up a group on the Facebook website called "Gold Greenlees Trott, man ... I was there", where GGTers can reminisce about the good old days and attempt to piece together even hazier memories from the party.