Diary: How can adland function without Ivy's Bang Bang?

Stop all pitches, cancel annual leave and rally the troops with a rousing speech in reception: agencies need to unite behind a common cause, and they need to do it quickly if cataclysm is to be avoided.

What disaster, you may well wonder, could possibly necessitate such a federation of adland talent? An Ofcom ban on all food and drink ads bar bread and water? The imminent implosion of commercial TV now that summer has finally got into gear? Worse ... much worse ... Bang Bang Chicken is off the menu at The Ivy.

Sure, there are other starters. Duck and watercress salad or sashimi are both credible alternatives, but none match that chicken in special peanut-buttery sauce. If The Ivy doesn't get it back on the menu pronto, you can be sure St Alban will be cooking up something similar in next to no time.