DIARY: Adland gives Phillips a pharaoh knees-up

With wicked irony, the IPA chose the British Museum's Egyptian

Sculpture Gallery to bid farewell to Nick Phillips, who officially

retires this week after 12 years as director-general of the body.

There was a time when the IPA had all the dynamic atmosphere of a

pharaoh's tomb and it's largely thanks to Phillips' modernising that the

body has got its act together.

So more than 400 of the industry's big guns lined up and there was even

a Marilyn Monroe lookalike to coo Happy Birthday to the DG who turned 60

last week.

Phillips has no doubt the IPA will remain a potent organisation. Nor,

apparently, does his predecessor, David Wheeler, who praised it as a

"living orgasm". We'll have what the IPA is having, please.